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Family Dentistry in Woodbridge, VA by Dr. Strickland

Are you looking for a family dentist you can trust? Steven D. Strickland, DDS provides family dentistry services including exams, cleanings, preventative treatment, extractions, and many other dental procedures for both adults and children in Woodbridge, VA.Our office knows how hard it is to find a quality dentist for your children. 

Our Woodbridge dentist tries to promote healthy habits and prevent future oral health issues by starting dental care as early as three years old. On this page you will find information on children's dental care, as well as links pertaining to the whole family including pages on dental emergencies, tobacco use, sedation dentistry, and oral piercings. Learning more about these topics will help you make better informed decisions about your dental health care needs.

The Importance of Early Dental Care for Children

The incidence of infant and toddler baby tooth decay has been rising in recent years.  Tooth decay and early cavities can be exceptionally painful if they are not attended to immediately, and can also set the scene for poor oral health in later childhood.

Family dentists fulfill many important functions pertaining to the child’s overall oral health and hygiene.  They place particular emphasis on the proper maintenance and care of deciduous (baby) teeth, which are instrumental in facilitating good chewing habits, proper speech production, and also hold space for permanent teeth. We try and educate our patients using models, computer technology, and general terminology; thus emphasizing the importance of keeping teeth strong and healthy.  In addition, we advise patients on disease prevention, trauma prevention, good eating habits, and other aspects of the home hygiene routine.

One of the most important components when treating children is the ability to create a friendly, fun, social atmosphere for visiting children. Always try to avoid threatening words like “drill,” “needle,” and “injection.”  Dental phobias beginning in childhood often continue into adulthood, so it is very important that children have positive experiences as early as possible. We do our best to make it a fun experience for them!

By continuously tracking growth and development, we are able to anticipate dental issues and quickly intervene before they worsen.  Working towards earlier corrective treatment can preserve the child’s self-esteem and create a more positive self-image. We also help parents and children establish sound eating and oral care habits to reduce the chances of later tooth decay.  In addition to providing checkups and dental cleanings, we are also able to apply dental sealants and topical fluoride to young teeth, advise parents on their child's thumb-sucking/pacifier fixation, and provide good demonstrations of brushing and flossing.

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Whether you're bringing your child in for their first visit or considering treatment for your own smile, our Woodbridge dental team welcomes you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Strickland. For questions or concerns about family dentistry, please contact us